Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

This time of year can be difficult to eat well.  There are too many parties, drinks, treats and traditions to distract us from our dietary goals.  Enjoy yourself and face the fact that you may gain a pound or two this month.  Try some of the techniques listed below to help keep things in control and in perspective.


  • Eat before the party: Gets a head start on feeling full…Drink water and eat a snack containing Carbs, Protein & fat such as low fat yogurt with fruit
  • Avoid alcohol: Not only does alcohol add on sneaky calories (we drink, rather than eat these calories) Alcohol can cause us to lose some inhibitions and control, causing us to eat more than we wanted.  Especially avoid creamy drinks, better choices are to nurse a wine spritzer or seltzer or even ice water with lemon or lime. Drinking from a tall and thin glass vs short and wide will cut some calories.
  • Avoid temptation: Serving completed plates of food (restaurant style) rather than family style helps to avoid second portions.  Also keep cookies and snacks out of sight (out of mind) At a party, turn and face away from the food.
  • Avoid taste testing while cooking: no batter or dough tasting
  • Remind yourself that parties are more for socializing, talking & dancing than eating and drinking.
  • At the table remember that protein and fiber help you feel full: turkey, chicken, quinoa, beans
  • Choose smallest plate; keep it to one layer of food
  • Tell yourself: No seconds!
  • Avoid starches: bread, potatoes, rice,
  • Be picky at the buffet: No need to taste everything, walk the length of the buffet to survey what’s ahead and plan what you really want rather than taking a little of everything
  • EXERCISE: walk or go to the gym every day even 10 minutes is great
  • Ok to have dessert, but limit yourself to 3 bites. You will enjoy it and feel better in the end.