COVID And The Holidays

Right now, medical providers everywhere, including IMA, are seeing more COVID-19 cases than ever before. We want to ensure that all our patients and their families stay healthy and safe.

It is our duty to our community to give the best advice that we can regarding health and safety.  As part of that duty, we are asking that you please reconsider any Thanksgiving plans involving people outside of your immediate household, to reduce Covid-19 exposure as much as possible.

Our recommendations for the upcoming holiday season:

  • Keep any and all celebrations– Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, and everything in between– just to people who live in your household
    • Most COVID-19 cases we see right now are from interactions with trusted loved ones- small gatherings such as dinner parties, birthdays, girls’ nights are just a few examples of recent exposures.
    • To still celebrate with loved ones, we suggest utilizing technology like Zoom/FaceTime/Skype for sharing a meal together or for cocktail hours, game nights, baking, crafting, or any of your favorite holiday activities!
    • Another great way to let people know you wish you could be together is to drop off your signature dish or other treats at their house for them to enjoy. You can leave the goodies on the front door steps for contactless delivery. Who doesn’t love a fun surprise delivery?!
    • If you do get together with people outside your household, please wear a mask whenever not eating and be outside as much as possible.


  • Do your holiday shopping ONLINE as much as possible
    • Many stores are offering free shipping & free returns
    • Many stores offer Curbside Pick-Up for free
    • Black Friday deals have already begun online
    • If you know what you want to get someone, buy it now, and you will get it in plenty of time
    • You can even have items shipped to loved ones so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of getting the items to them

We ask you to think about this advice as we continue to serve our community, safely and to the best of our abilities. Consider these options to keep YOU AND YOUR FAMILY healthy safe. Let’s all get through this together.

Should you have any questions regarding COVID, please contact your IMA Provider.