Current Information On Covid 19 From Your IMA Providers

If you suspect you could have been exposed to Covid 19, it is best to seek advice via telephone rather than go to a physician office, Urgent Care Center or the ER.

If you suspect you might have Covid 19, it is recommended that you quarantine yourself for 14 days.  That means do not go to work and stay in your bedroom with the door closed.  Order your groceries online or ask someone to do any shopping for you. Have them leave the items outside your door. Avoid sharing a bathroom, towels, kitchen utensils, glasses, etc.  Clothing should be washed separately.

All cases can be traced to the patient having been in one of the infected areas, or in contact with someone already infected with Covid-19.  There have been no spontaneous cases.

The best way to avoid illness is:

  • to avoid sick people,
  • wash your hands frequently,
  • sanitize public items like shopping carts, airline seats, doorknobs, etc.,
  • do not touch your face,
  • contain your coughs or sneeze.

There is no test for Covid 19 available (other than through the CDC)

There is no medication to treat Covid 19

Treatment is targeted at controlling symptoms with items like over the counter cold and flu medications

Covid 19 infection is relatively mild in 4 out of 5 patients

Those patients most at risk of severe infection are the elderly and the infirm (those with chronic medical conditions)

The United States is almost totally unaffected by Covid 19

In the US, we are much more likely to contract a common cold or the flu.

Any questions, phone or email your IMA Provider.