Family Practice Of Middletown Moves To A New Location

Having outgrown their previous space, Family Practice of Middletown is moving around the corner to 18 Leonardville Road, Middletown.  Family Practice of Middletown began seeing patients in their new location on January 15th, 2018.

Family Practice of Middletown has a rich history in Middletown and began as a one doctor practice in 1984 by Roger Thompson, MD.  Dr. Thompson is a Middletown, NJ native and decided to become a family doctor as the result of his relationship with his own family doctor who delivered him at Riverview Hospital.  While Family Practice of Middletown no long delivers babies, they are still trained to do so.  Family Practice of Middletown cares for patients of all ages.  Dr. Thompson and his staff believe in establishing a long-term relationship with patients and often treat multiple generations of one family.

Over 33 years, Family Practice of Middletown has grown to include a full-service house call program to care for home bound patients as well as a team dedicated to care for patients living in nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities.

Over the years, Family Practice of Middletown doubled the size of their initial office in 2001.  With the move to 18 Leonardville Road, Family Practice of Middletown will again double their size.  The new office has been renovated down to the studs and the design and décor is meant to feel homey and less clinical, helping to make patients feel more comfortable during visits.

“Deliver of primary care medicine is undergoing a period of deep reflection and change.  We now have more of a team approach to care that extends across all venues of care and take a more proactive approach.  There is a new emphasis on coordinating a patient’s care no matter where it occurs or with what specialist.  There is a renewed emphasis on preventative care,” states Dr. Roger Thompson of Family Practice of Middletown.

“Driving this new approach of primary care delivery are the U.S. government and private health insurance companies.  Family Practice of Middletown is at the forefront of this movement and we have been fortunate to be involved with a number of demonstration projects that seek to determine the future of primary care in the USA. In fact, we have received recognition for our innovations in care.”

Family Practice of Middletown has taken this movement and incorporated into its practice and new office.  The new office has been transformed to encompass this new patient centered care model.  The new office will have space for nurses who serve as “Patient Care Coordinators”, office space for staff who review data to find ways to eliminate “gaps in care” and a Geriatric/Home Care team.  Family Practice of Middletown also has a Behavioral Health counselor, a Dietician, a Diabetes Nurse Educator to help patients get to the ultimate goal of better health, both physically and mentally.  In addition to this comprehensive health staff, Family Practice of Middletown plans on hiring a Certified Personal Trainer who will help patients develop a personalized fitness plan to help maintain good health and fitness.

With the new move, Family Practice of Middletown will provide patients with a “Medical Home.”

Family Practice of Middletown is open 6 days a week.  Hours of operation can be found at their website