Geriatric Rehabilitation and Home Care

IMA Specialized Care

Meet the team

The physicians of this service can be reached at 732-671-8479. Ask for Shirley, our Patient Care Coordinator Nurse.

Who We Are

The physicians of Integrated Medicine Alliance are pleased to offer a division focused on the care of our patients who are home bound and those who are housed in alternative care sites, either temporarily or permanently. A physician or nurse practitioner from IMA Geriatric Rehabilitation and Home Care will visit and provide medical care for the group’s patients in nursing homes, rehab centers, assisted living facilities and in their own homes.

What We Offer

Professional Medical care of patients in:

Sub Acute Rehabilitation Centers

  • For Post Operative Care
  • For Post Hospitalization Care

Skilled Nursing Facilities
Long Term Nursing Homes
Hospice & Palliative Care
Assisted Living Facilities
In Your Home

  • For Homebound Patients
  • Frail Elderly Patients
  • Those with Mobility Problems

Board Certified Physicians and Trained Nurse Practitioners
Coordination with your IMA Physician via our shared Electronic Medical Record System.

(We have access to your records and your doctor can also read what we are doing.)

Additional Services

Management of:
• On Going Health Care
• Acute Illnesses
• Care Venue Transitions
• Hospice & Palliative Care
• When needed, on site Lab Tests and some Diagnostic Testing can be brought to the patient.
• Dedicated Patient Care Coordinator Nurse.

Our physicians follow patients at long-term care facilities such as:
• Arnold Walter Nursing Home
• CareOne Holmdel
• CareOne King James
• Bayshore Healthcare Center
• Meridian Nursing & Rehab in Shrewsbury
• and various assisted living facilities