Our patients’ health is our top priority.

At this time, IMA Primary Care Offices do not have the COVID-19 vaccine.

The state of New Jersey has strict guidelines with regards to who will be the first in the state to receive the vaccine. Currently, New Jersey is in Phase 1a of the vaccine distribution and is distributing the vaccine to those who work in healthcare settings and those who live or work in long-term care facilities.

Click on the link below for New Jersey’s Department of Health’s COVID Vaccine Plan, including info on the distribution phases. You can also register and make an appointment to receive the vaccine if you qualify for phase 1a. If you do not qualify for phase 1a, you can register to be notified when you are eligible to make an appointment for the vaccine at a designated distribution facility.


We will keep our patients notified of important developments in the distribution of the vaccine, including any news on the availability of the vaccine through our offices, via e-mail blasts, and our Facebook pages.

Your IMA Providers will email you when they receive the vaccine for distribution. 

Should you have any questions regarding the vaccine that are not answered on the NJDOH website linked above, please do not hesitate to message your IMA provider using the patient portal.