Patient Centered Medical Home Program

What is a PCMH?

A Patient Centered Medical Home is a medical practice that uses a team-based approach – led by your personal physician – to make it easier for you to access the care, information, and assistance you need when you need it. As a patient of a PCMH you have a home for all your healthcare needs. Using your PCMH as your primary point of contact allows you to receive more coordinated, personalized care. Registries, information technology, and health information exchange assist in assuring you get the quality care you deserve.

What to Expect

• Quality, team-based care led by your personal physician
• Coordination of care with your other healthcare providers
• Expanded office hours and communication tools provide 24/7 access to care
• Evidence-based wellness and preventive care
• Extra support and access to community resources and self-management tools to manage your care

Be Involved with your PCMH Team

• Stay Connected- make your PCMH your primary point of contact
• Know your team- Keep your doctor’s phone number handy
• Ask questions- Write down the answers
• Be prepared- Talk to your team, share your concerns
• Take Charge- You are a vital team member – participate in the decision making process and explain your goals and expectations
• Follow through- Take medications as directed, keep appointments and make healthy lifestyle choices

How to Get Ready for your Appointment

• Make a list of questions for your care team
• Make a list of other healthcare providers you see regularly
• Bring all your medications in their original containers, including over the counter medications and supplements
• Bring a family member or trusted friend to your appointment if needed
• Make a list of when and where you have received care outside the PCMH including all preventive screening procedures