Jan S. Glowacki, MD

River Road Primary Care


I have decided to retire from my New Jersey practice to pursue my various interests that have been postponed. I leave practice in good health, except for a low level prostate cancer that is managed with active surveillance and should not affect my longevity. I will reside in Florida.
I have gotten to know you and your medical issues, a very special privilege that I will always cherish.
The physicians at River Road Primary Care have worked with me for many years. I had a major role in selecting these physicians for Integrated Medicine Alliance.
I leave knowing that I have built more avenues of care for the community. I began as a solo practitioner and subsequently founded IMA in 1995. IMA has grown with me as managing partner, developing urgent care centers, diagnostic testing, expanding the number of medical providers. Employing over 100 local individuals and IMA expanding to care for in excess of 100,000 patients. I retired from IMA management 12-31-2017.
Your medical records will remain at my soon to be former practice site and are available to you as always. I would hope you remain with the practice as I have full confidence you will continue to receive an unchanged level of care.
As always, keep your ideal weight, your good exercise habits, take your prescribed medicines. Work on staying healthy.