Tanning Bed Use Increases Risk of Melanoma, Skin Cancer

With high school students across New Jersey getting excited about attending their Prom, parents may be worrying about the high cost of dresses, tuxes and limos. But another danger is lurking, and it is one that can affect your family much more seriously – increased risk of melanoma and other skin cancers because of tanning bed usage. Thousands of young men and women looking for a bronzed appearance use tanning beds each year, with usage often spiking in the Spring while they try to look their best for the prom. But each and every use of a tanning bed increases the risk of melanoma and using the under the age of 35 doubles that risk.

“Tanning beds present a serious danger by stimulating skin cancer growth, putting their users at risk of deadly conditions like melanoma,” said Dr. Roger M. Thompson, MD, a board certified physician in Family Practice at Integrated Medicine Alliance. “I advise all of my patients and their families to always refrain from tanning bed usage. No amount of tan is worth the cost of skin cancer.”

According to Dr. Thompson, use of tanning beds increases melanoma risk by 20%, increasing with each use. That risk doubles for people under 35, especially for younger people like high school students.